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We Offer The Same Rates

Our health care rates are the same as your local agent or the insurance company directly. The state regulates health insurance premiums, so no one can offer a different price for the same health care plan.

Our Services Are Of No Cost To You

All of our health insurance services are free to you. You will not see a price difference in your premium from one health insurance plan to the next. Whatever stage youíre at in life, we can help! We offer the best health insurance for students, competitive family health insurance and even excellent senior health insurance plans!

We Make The Process Simple

We know there are hundreds of plans to choose from, and we help you decide which one works best. Whether itís personal health insurance, student health insurance, childrenís health insurance, family health insurance or senior health insurance, we make health care simple!

We Offer Unbiased Advice

Our licensed agents are unbiased to any one insurance company, allowing them to give you best advice. With top rated companies like Blue Cross, Blue Shield, UniCare, Aetna, Health Net, Humana or Anthem, we can make everything clear!

Our Distinguished Customer Service

Once you become our client, our licensed representatives will assist you with both claims and service issues.

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