How To Become Skinny

How To Become Skinny

Becoming skinny is much easier said than done. Let’s face it though, it’s a goal of many of ours. We want that beautiful body, and a lot of times that we think being skinny is how we achieve it. Guys desire it, magazines encourage it,…



How To Floss Teeth

Flossing teeth is extremely important, especially if you’re trying to avoid getting…

Creativity: It’s Not Just Your Imagination

What makes us creative and what defines “creativity”. Creativity is a prized commodity in just about every profession, and research has show that being creative affects our health and well-being, which might be why creative outlets like art and music have been used as health interventions. For a long time, arguments were made about creativity in a right- vs. left-brain context.

9/11 health woes: Without new funding, “People are going to die.”

Retired police office David Howley has a simple prediction for what will happen if Congress doesn't renew the Zadroga Act, the fund that provides treatment to people made ill by exposure to Ground Zero. Couldn't health insurance and workman's compensation handle the cost. The health-care program ...

Child Chef Camps – This SoFAB Cooking Camp Teaches Kids to Prepare Healthy Meals (

For the summer season, this year the Southern Food and Beverage (SoFAB) Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, is hosting a five-week cooking camp for kids. Kids get involved with activities, crafts and projects to teach "nutritional literacy." Each day, kids will gather to learn practical cooking skills that will leave them feeling empowered as they eat the healthy lunches they have prepared for themselves.

Synthetic pot use up 200 percent, sending many to ER in N.J. & nation

The popularity of synthetic forms of marijuana in the nation is "an emerging public health threat," driving calls to poison control centers from January to May up more than 200 percent from the same time last year, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.